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Ms. King
Math/Science/Social Studies
Conference: 9:30-10:25
3rd Grade
Room 316

Partner Teacher: Mrs. Carlton
Subjects:Language Arts


Class Rules:
1. Use appropriate words and voice levels.
2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
4.Follow all CHAMPS expectations.

Friday are “Message days” at Snyder. Every Friday, your child will
bring home a folder containing his/her work from the previous week.
* Please review these papers with your child and sign the Friday folder.

In addition to work, you will also receive electronic newsletters, notes from
the teacher, principal, or P.T.O.
Take the time to visit the CISD website to sign up for our Home Access
Center. Through this system you will have access to report card grades,
attendance & discipline records, cafeteria accounts, and STAAR information.

Snyder has a website. We encourage you to visit our website as well as
our teacher websites. Weekly and monthly events will be posted on
our website.

 School Messenger is a messaging system that we use to notify parents of
important events via e-mail and/or telephone. Please make sure that you
have listed your e-mail address on the registration form or emergency
contact form so that we can communicate with you through our School
Messenger System.

Contacting your child’s teacher: Each parent will be asked to attend a
parent conference in person. You may request a conference with your
child’s teacher at any time throughout the school year. Each teacher has a
conference time that coincides with the grade level fine arts

apple wedge

Late Work Policy
All projects and homework assignments
1 day late: minus 10 points
2 days: minus 20 points
3 days: minus 30 points
4 days: minus 40 points
5 days: 50 points

All in class work must be turned in within five days of original due date. The assignments will be graded after five days "as is" or a zero if not done.

Each child is welcome to bring one snack to class daily. Please make sure the snack is healthy
and mess free. Since we have a peanut allergy in one of our rooms, please, no snacks that contain any type of peanut product.

Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to school.
Water bottles should be labeled with child’s name and teacher’s name.
Only water is allowed.

Parents may bring cupcakes or cookies to be distributed, by the teacher, at
the end of the lunchtime for birthdays. Please contact your child’s teacher
prior to the special occasion to make arrangements. We ask that parents
refrain from sending other items (balloons, flowers, candles, etc.)
Total number of students in our class:21

Important Date:
Sept. 20-Read for a Better Life
Sept. 21-Watch Dog Kick Off
Sept 28. Superstar 9:00
Sept 29-Mommy/Son Dance

Special Schedule:
Red Week
Monday: PE
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Technology

Blue Week

Friday 1: Art/PE
Friday 2: Technology/PE
Friday 3: Music/PE
Friday 4: Art/PE

8:00- 8:10 switch
8:10-9:25 AM Class
9:25-10:25 Specials
10:25-11:30 AM Class
11:30-11:55 PM Class
11:55-12:55 lunch/recess
12:55-2:45 PM Class
2:55 Dismiss



Place Value Unit Review
Place Value Unit Review
Place Value Unit Review
Place Value Unit Review
Place Value Unit Review
**All homework will be given on Friday and due the next Friday.

Read for 30 minutes EVERY night.

Tests for this Week:

Friday:  Place Value Test

What are we learning?

Math-Place value
Science- Matter
Social Studies-Symbols


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For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator:
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